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The TiVUS Solution utilizes a variety of hardware to create the most user friendly and customizable entertainment system for all sorts of venues and properties including hospitality. TiVUS' Solution is the most technologically advanced system available to the industry and is able to deliver high definition internet-protocol television over any existing coaxial cable or category 5/5e/6 Ethernet cables. What really sets the system apart is that it generates revenue through advertisements on the free-to-guest channels.

TiVUS handles the entire system from satellite to the television.  Once TiVUS is installed, properties are free from  dealing with multiple vendors since they only need to talk to one and only one company for all TV related needs and issues.  For a more detailed network diagram of what TiVUS covers, see below.

For a more detailed network diagram of the TiVUS system, download the network diagram here. Download

Properties can now choose a customizable selection of programming including premium content such as HBO and Showtime; all the programming guests have come to expect in today's world of entertainment. TiVUS offers a wide range the most popular names in entertainment, completely customized to what best suits the brand, the corporate vision, as well as the property managers. This unique ability to select programming from a wide variety of entertainment sources naturally translates to higher guest satisfaction. 

Another exciting TiVUS difference, TiVUS HD IPTV services does not levy additional fees to "opt-out" of ANY programming, including VOD adult content, providing property with virtually unlimited choice on what they want to carry on their system. 

TiVUS controls and centralizes all content and advertising offsite at the Network Operations Center, ensuring consistency. This eliminates a large amount of the hardware necessary, reducing overall cost and footprint. The TiVUS onsite hardware utilizes top-of-the-line technology that allows for direct content feed from the dish.

How small a footprint? The hardware allows for scalability, giving the property complete customizability on content, limited only by what the property requires. Everything (from the Firewall to the VOD Server) fits within 1 server rack, and requires only one small KU satellite dish.  See below to see a network diagram of a proposed rack.

This is a download of a network diagram of a proposed rack that would sit in your hospitality basement. Download

On the end user side, the TiVUS e-SmarTV™ has an integrated set-top box in the on-board circuitry, eliminating the need for additional hardware in the room.  It further has a the option for a wireless router built in, making hi-speed internet access available for guests as well as a potential additional revenue stream!