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Revenue Opportunities

The TiVUS HD IPTV Solution is a first-of-its-kind in the industry. TiVUS' end-to-end HD IPTV system employs an industry-first, ad revenue business model generating revenue through distinct advertising methods:

  1. Passive methods are through licensing agreements with content providers, controls and delivers commercials that are spliced into video feeds.  The result is a look similar to ads running everyday on your home television. Through a first-of-its-kind technological product, properties no longer need to rely solely on video-on-demand for revenue generation. 
  2. Active methods include targeted advertising to specific demographics, while behavioral and contextual algorithmns serve on-the-fly ads based on user programming selections, user preferences and advertiser requirements. 

TiVUS’ patent-pending ad-insertion technology and Internet-based entertainment platform also decrease the cost of the system in multiple ways:

  1. TiVUS-branded HD flat-screen televisions have integrated set-top boxes and wireless Internet routers, reducing the amount of upfront equipment.
  2. The TiVUS' solution eliminates costly technology upgrades and maintenance as the system is future-proof and allows for virtually limitless scaling.


Running on an integrated network, TiVUS delivers personalized guest services that enhance the guest experience and allow the hotel's or venue's entertaiment service to run smoothly. In terms of the hospitality industry, services include:

  • Room-to-Room Messaging
  • Express Checkout with Itemized Invoices
  • Energy Management Programs
  • Personalized News Applications
  • Social Media Applications
  • ... and Other Personalized Services

In addition, TiVUS delivers core services such as Free-to-Guest programming, Pay-per-Use premium programming, Video-on-Demand Programming, wireless internet access and connections for guests’ personal electronics, video game consoles and room service.