Introducing the proprietary all-in-one TiVUS IPTV system for the hospitality industry.

TiVUS e-SmarTV is a technically advanced, interactive flat-panel high-definition television that connects directly into a hotel's existing coaxial or category 5/5e/6 Ethernet cabling, making it the first plug-and-play TV in the industry with such an advanced level of technological integration of functionality.

The TiVUS e-SmarTV is a part of the TiVUS solution and includes the advertising revenue from their free-to-guest channel lineup. We share this unique advertising revenue with you using our ad-insertion technology as telephone and movie rentals have been steadily declining for more than a decade.

TiVUS delivers an exciting new technology that, through its robust ad-revenue sharing arrangement, can potentially pay for itself. Even more exciting, for the first time in the industry, the in-room entertainment TV can significantly add to your bottom-line profits.  

“This new [TiVUS HD IPTV] platform of Internet-based video-on-demand will facilitate our exit from the traditional hotel video systems…, and, will also provide guests greater choice and control over what they watch,” – Jeff Flaherty, Marriott spokesman

TiVUS designed this attractive, first-of-its-kind interactive high-definition IPTV TV unit, bearing the TiVUS brand name prominently on the front, as a multidimensional hotel entertainment platform with many integrated features including the set-top box hardware, secure wireless internet, viewer accessible connections, and pure IP-based connectivity.