TiVUS is proud partners with the following industry leading firms.  Together, TiVUS and its partners deliver uncompromising customer service an HD IPTV performance.

Falcon IP/Complete has teamed with Tivus as systems integrator for our U.S. hotel customers. Since 1967, Falcon Communications has been providing telephony and power equipment, engineering and installation services, with FalconIP/Complete providing Internet-protocol (IP) pioneered "triple play" services, combining voice, data, and high-definition video, including delivering IPTV over existing copper, coaxial, and fiber telecommunication infrastructure.·From bird-to-box, Falcon IP/Complete is the only one-stop video solutions company giving telcos and service providers across the country an opportunity to seize the economies, competitiveness, and collaborative force of a simple single source! For more information, please visit·www.falconipcomplete.com.

Founded in 1994 and experts in providing comprehensive IPTV platforms and solutions, InfoValue is recognized for innovations and advances in IPTV technology that has set the pace in performance, scalability, and intelligence. InfoValue QuickVideo™ IPTV platform is based on a standards-compliant, open architecture that is optimized with innovative, patented technologies. InfoValue QuickVideo, which is currently being used by telecommunication carriers, corporations, governments, educational institutions, hospitality providers, and broadcasters around the world, offers interactive video-on-demand and video multicast capabilities, as well as integrated video indexing, distributed video caching, server clustering, and video service management capabilities. InfoValue delivers turnkey IPTV solutions for specific industries, including InfoValue SuiteTV for hospitality, InfoValue BizTV for training and communications, and InfoValue NextGenTV for residential. For more information please visit www.infovalue.com.