TiVUS, Inc., is a technology entertainment services company providing leading-edge internet protocol television & content–on-demand solutions to hotels worldwide using onsite hardware, software, and a customized, property branded graphical user interface.  TiVUS is also an advertising company for the hotel industry.

TiVUS was founded and incorporated in June 2009 as a Delaware public company (OTCPK: TIVU) by current President and Chielf Executive Officer, Shiva Prakash.

Anticipating a rapid decline in revenue in hospitality television due to the advent of iPods, iPads, Laptops, and other multimedia devices, Prakash had an idea to create a new source of revenue stream for the hotel.  Under Prakash's leadership, TiVUS spent many months on working to create a system that is able to insert ads into television video systems seamlessly over IPTV.

For the first time in the hospitality industry, the hotel's entertainment system is now a multifaceted platform in which to generate previously untapped revenue. Tivus has successfully secured certain content rights to insert ads from a national level to individually targeted consumer ads.

In 2011, TiVUS had the privilege of installing the latest in hospitality television technology into a few select hotels with positive feedback from the hotel guests and hotel managers.  The hotels experienced TiVUS' e-SmarTVs.  They are a unique differentiator in the industry as now hotel guests can enjoy the same features that they expect in their homes such as Facebook®, YouTube®, access to first-run movies, as well as the use of Netflix.

Today, TiVUS is preparing to uplist to the OTCQB/Bulletin Board and is looking forward to many exciting opportunities ahead.