Hospitality Owners

Only the TiVUS solution offers your hotels a choice.  With the TiVUS solution, hotels can choose programming, on-screen promotions, style, messaging, and the freedom to choose how to monetize this new, exciting technology that is changing the way the hospitality industry works and plays. 

TiVUS has the first-of-its-kind high definition internet protocol television (HD IPTV) solution with patented ad-insertion technology that creates never-before-seen revenue for your property and provides a guest experience like nothing else on the market. TiVUS' Solution will increase your movie revenue, HSIA revenue, and of course guest satisfaction. 

The entire TiVUS Solution can be installed on your hotel's existing COAX infrastructure, or on a CAT5 or CAT6 cable, minimizing cost of installation. The TiVUS e-SmarTV™ has all necessary in-room hardware integrated, with a wireless router added to give guests high-speed Internet access.  

Feel free to browse around and learn about the exciting new advancement in hospitality television TiVUS can bring to your hotel!